Tasks for Building Human Rights

Apologies for the need to rebuild this set of websites from scratch. The new WordPress “upgrade” with blocks is nifty. Alas, many of my websites (30+) crashed because I was in the habit of writing html code that was flaky in the new system.

Are you part of the Global Human Right Movement?

If you are active in one or more of the causes or movements below, you are already part of the global human rights movement!

building children’s rights

building civil rights

building climate justice

building democracy

building democratic media

building disability rights

building ecological balance

building economic justice

building elders rights

building food justice

building gender justice

building global peace

building healthcare rights

building housing rights

building human rights

building immigrant justice

building indigenous rights

building justice

building labor justice

building legal rights

building LGBTQ rights

building liberty

building media democracy

building our planet

building peace

building planetary survival

building prisoner justice

building public education

building racial justice

building reproductive justice

building student rights

building union rights

building voting rights

building water justice

building workers justice

building workers rights

building world peace

building youth rights