White Nationalism

What is White Nationalism?

White Nationalism is an ideology and system of power that constrains our activities in the United States in ways that range from subtle to blatant. White Nationalism is extolled by organized supremacist groups and armed insurgents, but also by major media figures and political leaders.

The term “White Supremacy” is often used by academics to describe a constellation of racist ideas and practices. I use the following terms to break the concept into more easily grasped component parts, especially when speaking to audiences that are predominantly White.

White Superiority is the specious idea that White people are a uniquely talented “race.”

White Nationalism claims that the essence of the United States as a nation is carried in the social, cultural, economic, and political practices of European settlers.

White Supremacist System refers to the systems, structures, and institutions of a nation that give White people special privileges and powers whether or not they want them or harbor a dislike of other races.

Organized White Supremacist Groups are social and political organizations with the goal of ensuring White people exercise power over all non-white people.

Prejudice + Power = Oppression

Digging Deeper

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